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About Immaculate Heart Secondary School


"The essence of history is to replay past events to appear fresh, to an unknown and also to reduce more questions to an alien ". ¯ Mmaduka A. (2004)

The above named Secondary School is the brain child of three intrepid and immortal souls: Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Ezeogamba, the then Vicar of the Immaculate Heart Parish Uga; Chief C.C. Ifemeje, the Okaa Obuluzor of Uga ie (the invocator and leader of the invited), Chief F.R.C. Ezemenari, the Ochiagba of Uga ¯ ie (War Leader of the people).

What appeared like a telepathic "relay" flashed among the trio one Sunday Morning. Fr. A. Ezeogamba, had sent for the two Chiefs, after the mass for a brief discussion. On their way to see father, Chief Ifemeje remarked, "the foremost need of our Parish at this time is a Secondary School, just exactly what he was thinking chimed in the Ochiagha".

To their joy and surprise, they got to Father A. Ezeogamba, to learn that what he wanted to discuss with them was the very subject they had broached on their way to him. What a marvelous work of the Trinity in one, a mystery indeed.

The decision was speedy and the implementation speedier. In less than a week and half, a medium-sized Hall under construction, for Parish and Deanery Meetings was completed, walls, roof and floor, classroom partitions were put up, chalk-boards and easels were made and Immaculate Heart Secondary School was born



The name, the school is bearing today was derived from the Parish name, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Uga or Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church Uga as the case may be. To be more absolute, the school is the sole property of the Catholic Diocese of Awka, which the said Church is under her religious and overall control. Ab initio, the school was bearing the name, Immaculate Heart College on her first operation as a Junior Secondary Cadre and her approval. Later, a request was made for a change again to the Ministry of Education at Awka, due to her need to operate equally a Senior Secondary classes. Hence, the approval was also given to them to change the name again to her present nomenclature, by the same Ministry of Education. Kudos, to the the parochial Manager, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Ezeogamba, with the series of letter to demand for its operation as a school written by him, first to the Local Ordinary, Bishop S.A. Okafor, the Catholic Emeritus Bishop of Awka, and the Ministry of Education at the same time. The said Bishop then, sent his Education Secretary, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Wenceslaus Oforjebe to go for verifications and for the Diocesan approval; the visit yielded a lot of fruits. Since, the visit turned a reality, the school commenced her academic programme, officially on 30th Day of September 2002, we sincerely appreciate our Bishop Emeritus – Dr. S.A. Okafor for this honour done to the people of Uga and the Catholic faithful, for a Secondary School Mission owned and managed to operate at Uga.



With the approval of the Catholic Diocese of Awka, for her to operate as a Secondary School, other approvals followed suit, as series of letters written to the Ministry of Education all turned positive, thus to accord the school their own legal backing and recognition among other schools approved. First approval to operate as a Junior Secondary School came in October 27th, 2003 and later she got that of upgrading approval to operate as a Senior Secondary on 24th November, 2004, all from the Ministry of Education, Anambra State of Nigeria. More powers to their elbow for seen us worthy.

NB: You can also visit our Old Site @http://www.immaculateheartssuga.org


a. Manager -: 07088930448 or08067838390
b. Principal -: 08065994079 OR 07086415320
c. School Mail Box = PMB 255 Uga Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria.


The School is located along Uga – Ekwulobia Road, just adjacent to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Uga.

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